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EasyClimber® vertical climbing system

Current workplace legislation requires that any person working at height should be properly protected against the risk of falling.

This is especially important for workers required to climb ladders and vertical structures, as a slip or fall resulting from a moments lapse in concentration or sudden feeling of illness will result in the worker falling backwards away from the structure or straight down, quickly generating great velocity. The consequences of such a fall are likely to be significant upon the worker and the employer.

Contrary to popular thinking, ladders installed with safety cages offer workers no protection at all.

Recent research carried out by the UK Health and Safety Executive clearly shows that workers falling inside a caged ladder will suffer significant injuries from impact with the structure. An impact force of 22G’s could be suffered by a worker after only 2 seconds freefalling. (14G’s is sufficient to cause a severe head injury.)

The EasyClimber® vertical climbing system, permanently installed to a ladder or vertical structure that requires frequent or predictable access can mitigate against such risks and provide a functional and practical means of access and egress.

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